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Twilight GN Part 8 by Flaming-Cheetah Twilight GN Part 8 by Flaming-Cheetah
Twilight Part 8

In Bella's dream Jacob is pulling her somewhere and he "trips" and Mike randomly appears and Bella is like WTF?!? Why is Mike here, but its a nightmare... So ofcourse Mike is going to be there... Then Bellas "Hero" Edward randomly appears and is like Hey. Then a werewolf appears and tries to bite Edward, and Bella's desperate atempt to stand there and gorp at him dosent save him and then she wake up and has the urge to look up vampires on the internet, even though I have no idea why she would do after having a vampire dream... All the computor tells her is to 'Stay away' and does she do it... Wait and find out...

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Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Mike Newton, Edward Cullen (C) Stephanie Meyer

Artwork (C) Flaming-Cheetah
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CirqueFreak12 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009
'Vampires. They are dangerous. Stay away.'


lmao roflmao!
christti Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
OMG! What a great and interesting nightmare!! And a GORGEOUS nightmare when Edward appears... ;)
But a wereworlf attack Edward and his awersome sexiness!! Run Edward!! Save your sexyness!!!
Btw, i'm sure that Bella search "Vampire" at google and google send her to wikipedia, cuz NOBODY reads ALL the information at wikipedia... You only read the letters in bold... xD
christti Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
I forgot one thing...
Edward is the definition of Vampire xD Hahaha xD
Everybody think vampires are hot thanks to that image xD
Flaming-Cheetah Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
hehe XD, wikipedia owns all :P and yes that is Edward as the definition of vampire, I really wanted to throw that in because I didn't doit on my sketches D: and that was my crap attempt at drawing a werewolve XD I normaly draw horses and that why the werewolf has no paws XD Yes, we want Edward to run but but he just stands there like a plank O.o XD A very hot plank that is :P I has missed you D: -hugs- and thanks :) x <3
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May 25, 2009
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